Bevis Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Bevis Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Bevis Veterinary Hospital. We are located on the eastside of town just off of Apalachee Parkway. Bevis Veterinary Hospital is a medical/surgical hospital founded in 1979 by Dr. Thomas G. Bevis. Our hospital caters to both small and large animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry. Several of our services included, but not limited to, are laboratory diagnostics, surgical procedures, dentistry, x-ray diagnostics, routine vaccination exams, preventative health care, and consultation. Here at Bevis Veterinary Hospital we understand and share your compassion for animals.

Did you know? Cat owners are more likely to have university degrees than dog owners. This is because degree holders work long hours, which limits the time they have available for pet care, and cats need less than dogs.